Analysis Of The Cuban Missile Crisis

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Before the starting to tell movie we should know that the USA was watching all military movements of the USSR in Cuba before missile crisis.
According to movie the plot was;
The movie is starting with an aircraft which is taking photos of the USSR’s all military movements in Cuba and they see that the Soviet preparing ballistic missiles. According to analysis, those ballistic missiles be ready maximum in 2 weeks. Later than the president is calling all prime ministers and military commanders to meeting. During the meeting, secretary of state explains all problems and possibilities. Thirteen days left. But the USA was ready for that kind of case, and had many scenario before case. The scenario was include a blockade in Cuba. The blockade was
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According to different resources Cuba missile crisis consisted of two different reasons.
For the first reason; the main reason of Cuba missile crisis was; the US government wanted to overturn the regime of Fidel Castro.
In 1959, the Castro came power to overturn the regime of Batista who supported by the US government. The US started to overturn the regime of Castro with the help of members of Organizations of American States. But members just discredited the Castro regime.
Later than refugees who are run away from Cuba to US. Refugees went to invade Cuba with the help of –especially CIA- US government. Refugees failed in Bay of Pigs invasion which was indirectly intervention attempt of the US.
After failure of US, the Soviet started to support Castro regime of Cuba. On other hand, Soviet bought sugar export of Cuba –Soviet did not need to buy sugar of Cuba- and guarantee for intervention of US.
On January 1962, General Edward Lansdale described plans to overthrow the Cuban Government in a top-secret report (partially declassified 1989), addressed to President Kennedy and officials involved with Operation
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Also he did not mentioned some issues. According to the director, Cuban missile crisis was the fault of the USSR. Because there was no problem but suddenly the USSR created new problem. At the same time the CIA supported some refugee groups in Cuba. Their duty – refugees- was overthrow the regime of Castro. Even the CIA was attempted to assassinate of Castro tens of time. And also it is important to mention that, during the movie no one was not talking about CIA role in the Cuba. Just in one part, a minister –he was minister of defense- told that ‘’we talked with CIA ’’. No more scene about

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