Cuba 's Influence On The United States Essay

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Cuba’s relationship with the United States has not always been full of tension. A huge supplier of sugar in the late 1800’s and a leisure destination for Americas rich and famous, its ties suddenly changed when Fidel Castro’s overthrew the Battista regime, announced his Communist intentions and turned to the Communist influence of the Soviet Union. With the threat of Soviet power so close to the U.S., President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed a partial embargo on Cuba’s export which led to the modern embargo on Cuba that everyone knows. The problem is this embargo ended a lot of opportunities for both the U.S and Cuba. Financially, it limits trading and traveling opportunities along with work forces it could create. The majority of the world’s nations oppose the embargo, therefore making U.S look unwilling and selfish. The recent headline of the U.S reconciling with Cuba and issues surrounding the embargo have set the public to weigh in their view and what to be done about it. Proponents of the embargo claim that Cuba has not met the human rights requirements for the embargo to be lifted therefore it should remain the same. Opponents to the embargo, says its 50-year policy of bringing democracy has failed, therefore lifting the ban is complying with the demands it made originally. The Department of Commerce authorizes the export of certain goods and items to and from Cuba. In late 2014, President Barack Obama along with advisors recently reestablished diplomatic relations with…

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