Cuba Embargo Essay

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The U.S. policy toward Cuba From 1960 to 2014, placed a harsh embargo on trade and economic assistance to Cuba. Most Americans are unaware, of the full reach of the embargo excluding Cuba from economic, humanitarian and business programs that the U.S. has instituted or participated, to provide economic benefits to the other Caribbean and Latin American nations. Reaching that juncture to lift the embargo requires multiple actions by the Executive and Congress that can be real breakthroughs in some areas. The U.S. embargo will require an investment of administrative time and attention to encourage a major Congressional push for the full repeal of the economic embargo. The administrations need to work with Republican allies in Congress, as well as like-minded conservative, to win over uncooperative members of Congress particularly those whose constituents are likely to gain from a lifting of its embargo provisions. In December 2014 President Obama’s decision to “normalize relations with Cuba represented a belated acknowledgment that U.S. policy toward Cuba did not accomplish the desired outcome and there is a need for a new policy.” …show more content…
This unilateral economic sanction is still in place 53 years later. There is a widespread view among Cuba scholar’s sanctions experts, and even former diplomats such as Ambassador Wayne S. Smith said: “the Cuba embargo is at best a failure and at worst counterproductive.” These views are based only on the assumption that the US goal in imposing the embargo was to overthrow the Castro’s regime. However, they tend to overlook the fact that while US policy to ultimately overthrow the Cuban regime, the embargo was also adopted to achieve other significant

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