Cuba And Cuba Analysis

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The United States of America and Cuba have not had relations with each other for over 50 years. Relations have been non existent, with an embargo placed on trade with Cuba, all since Fidel Castro took over Havana. Events such as the Bay of Pigs invasion led to strong tensions and distrust between the two countries. Hatred rose towards each other, and further advanced the separation of them. The embargo placed on Cuba was all in the hope of preventing a totalitarian government, and trying to make sure that Cuba is a democratic nation. Things did not start to get much better, or show signs of improvement until 2015. The years spent having no interaction with Cuba were long and caused political tensions between the two countries. The United States and Cuba did not go about solving their problems and doing what was necessary to get what they wanted and what was best for their respective nations in the right way. The uprise of Fidel Castro, a Cuban revolutionary, in 1959 is the main root of the various problems and feuds that they two nations have with each other. Castro and a group of revolutionaries seized Havana and overthrew Fulgencio Batista, the president at the time. When Castro was first in …show more content…
When JFK instated the trade embargo, it severely worsened the relations the two countries had with one another. In 1961, however, the United States and President Eisenhower cut all diplomatic ties with Cuba. Disagreements and other political disputes led to a total severance. When the two nations needed to discuss political matters, they would meet in Switzerland. After Eisenhower cut ties with Cuba, an agreement was made with Switzerland that they would be the host of meetings if the two opposing nations ever needed to meet with one another (Hudson 2016). Their role would later become more important during the Cuban Missile

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