CU2691 Support Individuals To Manage Their Finances Essay

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CU2691 Support Individuals to Manage Their Finances.

1. Know how to access information and advice about financial affairs.
1.1 Identify sources of information and advice about methods and services for managing personal finances.
Citizens Advice Bureau
Financial Services
Financial Advisor (Bank)
Internet websites
Council Offices
1.2 Identify sources of information and advice about benefits and allowances.
County Council Benefits Office 1.3 Describe the role of others who may be involved in supporting individuals to manage their own finances.
Family members may help the service user with advice in dealing with their finances by acting as a responsible person or as a guarantor if the individual
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family, solicitor or the director of social services department of the local council may be granted the authority to handle the service users finances on their behalf. If the service user is only in receipt of social security benefits the DWP (department of work and pensions) can name someone as an appointee and receive the service users benefits to spend on the service users’ behalf.

1.5 Explain how to access advice on safeguarding against financial abuse.
If you think anyone is acting inappropriately, unlawfully or not in the best interests of a vulnerable person, you should report it to the relevant authorities, these are:
Concern about the collection or use of social security benefits, contact the local Jobcentre Plus. If the benefits are for someone who is over 60, contact the Pension Service.

Concerned about the actions of an attorney or receiver, contact the Public Guardianship Office.

If you are concerned about the standard of care in a care home including financial support, contact the Commission for Social Care Inspection.
2. Be able to provide support for individuals to manage their finances.
2.1 Identify legislation, codes of practice and agreed ways of working that apply when providing support to manage financial affairs.
Mental Capacity Act 2005 –code of practice
Health and Social Care Act – 2012
2.2 Work with the individual to identify the skills they have for managing their own finances. Witness Testimonial
2.3 Identify an

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