Cte Model Curriculum Standards, Cstp, And Tpe Essay

771 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
How did the insights gained through your participation in CTE 101 assist you in effectively planning instruction that was defined by the CTE model curriculum standards, CSTP’s, and TPE’s. Be specific.
During my participation in CTE 101 class, I was able to learn about engaging and supporting my students’ learning using the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. Using those standards, I was able to better connect with my students and bring their prior life experiences and interests to the classroom. When teaching 3D modeling in the computer, I asked them to choose an object to re-design and explain why they chose that specific object. With that particular assignment, I was able to connect with them and understand their interests and prior knowledge and experience. I was also able to plan and implement classroom procedures and routines and improve my classroom management skills. I created a physical environment that engages my students and promotes physical and emotional safety. Students care, respect each other, take risks being creative and help each other in the process. Understanding the CTE model curriculum standards also helped me when creating new lessons to my class to be able to make sure that those standards were included in my class curriculum. Up to this point, before taking CTE 101, my teaching abilities were only intuitive with no technical training. CTE 101 has helped me understand all the tools available to me so I can create a successful learning…

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