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What are the strengths, limitations and challenges of ethical and socially responsible business practice? Discuss with reference to case studies of your choice (1200-1500 words).

This essay will analyse the strengths, limitations and challenges of ethical and socially responsible business practice. The purpose of this essay is to identify the advantages and limitations of following business ethics and act socially responsible in business operations. In order to help me analyse those further I will use the case study from food industry - McDonald’s corporation.
Firstly, I would like to explain what Corporate Social Responsibility is. “It is a company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and
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McDonald’s also looks after the environment. Most of McDonald’s packaging materials are fully recyclable, McDonald’s uses energy saving light bulbs in order to minimise the carbon footprint and they reuse the used cooking oil into bio-fuel which powers their delivery lorries. It is very important that McDonald’s applies to the policy of slow realise of carbon dioxide in order to show the interest in climate change. McDonald’s also offers good job opportunities for unskilled young people seeking experience, it offers flexible hours for students and it promotes diversity policy at the work place.
The best example of philanthropic responsibility put into practice is the charity called Ronal McDonald House Charities which provides “home away from home accommodation” for families of sick children in hospitals. The charity “provides over 400 bedrooms every single night of the year”. It is a great way of engaging local communities with the business. McDonald’s also is a part of the local community and it offers variety of activities from litter picking to local football matches. McDonald’s started the Olympic Games sponsorship in 1968 and still does it until today. Moreover, it is the official restaurant for Olympic and Paralympics Games.
All of the above practices mentioned, help the company to motivate their employees and make them more committed to the job because people, in general, fell better when

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