Csr, Corporate Social Responsibility And Csr Essay

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Profit is surplus which is remained after total costs are deducted from the total revenue. Profit is the amount you get after tax is paid and the shares are dividend. Profit is very important because profit shows how successful a business is. CSR is corporate social responsibility and CSR means being aware of the impact their business have on the society including their stakeholders and the environment. CSR can aim for better working conditions, human rights, health and safety, corporate governance and contribution to economic development. Although there is no fixed definition of CSR its main aim is to reach environmental sustainability. Businesses are aiming to be called a CSR organisation by carrying out corporately and socially responsible activities for example environment efforts, philanthropy, ethical labour practice and volunteering. Environment efforts means cutting down the pollution the business makes, philanthropy is the donation made to local or national charities and ethical labour practice means treating employers fairly and respectfully and finally the definition of volunteering means doing good deeds to the society. Most businesses aim to achieve maximum profit as it helps with business growth and to earn more money. According to Professor Aneel Karnani from University of Michigan, CSR opposes the main goal of a business which is to maximize profit. (Stated from Wall Street Journal article) He continued his statement and stated that a manager’s job is to…

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