Csr, Corporate Social Responsibility And Csr Essay

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In the 19th Century, global warming has become a major threat to Man and businesses. Global warming is responsible for the change in weather and climates which may be damaging for some businesses, especially those in the primary industry. Governments have decided to take action on this matter through the introduction of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). However, there are still companies who are against CSR due to several reasons. This essay will discuss about CSR as one of major management concept. In particular, it will consider the true meaning of CSR, the importance of CSR, the boons and banes of using CSR and the impact of CSR.

To begin with one of the main topics in this essay is the definition of CSR. CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, is a management concept in which companies takes consideration about the social and environmental impacts caused through taking measurements in their business operation and interactions with their stakeholder. This is often known as the “triple bottom line” in which companies take consideration of the economic, social and environmental aspects as well. CSR also includes human rights, such as employee legal minimum wage, health and safety at work and consumer rights. The main aim of CSR is to reduce employee and consumer exploitation as well as to reduce impacts on the environment.

Another important point regarding CSR is that in the modern era, consumers are becoming more aware about environmental issues. Research has shown…

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