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Starbucks is one of the places to find the world’s best coffees. The first Starbucks opened over forty years ago, in Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle, Washington. The owners’ main philosophy was to provide customers with the world’s finest and richest coffee. Over time, and endeavoring this ultimate philosophy, Starbucks expanded internationally and has more than 19000 stores around the world. The management of Starbucks has managed to improve their managerial process through location of their business, higher quality and better prices of their products. Although it is an expensive coffee store, the price of their
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In a letter addressed to the stakeholders, Howard Schultz (2011) explains the reasons of creating a report with the summary of all the positive aspects to the company, as well as how the company is doing with regards to their CSR. This focus on materiality helps not only the stakeholders, but also the shareholders with regards to how effectively the company is doing. And for example, letting stakeholders have access to the their progress regarding their environmental by publishing their Global Responsibilities Goal & Progress report online, Starbucks is showing how effectively its doing.
Codes of conduct
Starbucks codes “Business Ethics and Compliance” and CSR are stated on their website, and is available to the public. They have also made the “Standards of Business Conduc”t book available, which facilitates legal compliance and ethical issues such as potential conflicts of interest (Starbucks, 2012). The main idea is that every person in the employ of Starbucks is to act ethically and report any unethical or questionable behavior by any person under the employ of Starbucks. Because everyone is equal at Starbucks, any unethical actions should be reported. They have provided the partners with communication channels, which allow them to report all type of issues or concerns (Starbucks, 2012). The communication channel is basically a webline with contact

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