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Corporate Social Responsibility and Employees An insight into the relationship between CSR and companies’ own employees Corporate Social Responsibility vs. Employees Most of the current researches and data available today regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are on the cause and effect of CSR initiatives on the customers’ perception of the company. According to those data, it is apparent that the more companies are involved with CSR initiatives, the better they

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First of all, why are we even talking about CSR? Why does it and why should it matter to us? To start off, here’s a little cartoon; it’s not statistical, but it does a good job in explaining why CSR is something that is worth talking about and doing some research on. The underlying message behind this cartoon is that CSR has become a trend and somewhat of a movement, and it is becoming an important focus of top management at various companies, big or small. We will discuss in further detail on the causes for increasing trend in CSR later on in this paper.


In order to fully understand the relationship between CSR and companies’ employees, we must look at the ways CSR initiatives impact companies’ own employees, both in terms of engagement and perception. Specifically, we need to examine how employees’ attitude and behavior change as a result of their company’s implementation of CSR initiatives and to determine why young professionals today are starting to put more value in CSR. Through a thorough analysis of the cause and effect of CSR on employees, we may be able to identify a correlation between CSR and positive employee attitude and behavior and provide concrete support for the increase in
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