Csr And Corporate Social Responsibility Group Essay

721 Words Nov 16th, 2016 3 Pages
CSR has become main topic of discussion, debates, research and also main subject of study over years and years. In the 21st century, there was execution of the principles of CSR instead of more clarification of the concepts. In the WBSCD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) report, it has been mentioned that how CSR delivers benefits to the businesses. Businesses are integral part of society. It is essential to assure that the values of the business coordinate with the conformity of society to enhance the company’s long term value to its shareholders. This will help to evade the conflicts and bring in actual profits. To accomplish the same, the stakeholder’s needs has to be balanced. The team from WBSCD’s corporate social responsibility group form the tools which helps the companies to attain the positions in conjunction with CSR performance continuity. The much of the efforts have been done by the team to generate the appropriate guidance on reporting the CSR performance (Watts & Holme, p. 3).

Now days, every company is including CSR and sustainability report in their annual reports. In the world of globalization, businesses are facing massive challenges, opinions related to environmental and societal concerns. Companies are understanding the importance of incorporating CSR practices in all activities of the business at national and international level. The reporting of CSR execution or management in international value chain, sustainability and in all…

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