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Syllabus for CSIA 301 Faculty Contact Information
Welcome to Foundations of Cybersecurity CSIA 301, a hybrid course. My name is Professor Nancy M. Landreville and I have been teaching here at the University of Maryland, University College since February 2007. My phone number is (301) 401-0144. You may contact me by phone any evening during the week (Monday - Friday) from 7:00pm - 9:00pm. You may email me at any time at . I encourage you to use the private messaging area rather than the faculty email address. This will facilitate faster response to your course questions. I will respond to your email within 24 hours from receipt of your email. Please place the name of the course in the subject line so I
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For other questions and concerns, you can contact your academic director by writing to or calling (240) 684-2882. Be sure to mention the course name, course number, and your section number in the subject field of your e-mail. Your e-mail will be treated confidentially. Late Policy: The assignments, participation (discussion topics and Web activities), and examinations should be submitted on time. You will have a long lead time in which to prepare, ask questions, and seek help. Therefore, unless a major accident, illness, or work assignment (with supporting documentation) prevents you from submitting work on time, late assignments will not be accepted. Should a late exception be granted, a late penalty may be applied. Exceptions are rare and do not expect that a late exception will be granted. Any exception will result in a deduction of one 3

quarter of the value of the assignment toward your grade (i.e.: 16% toward grade is value and 1/4 is deducted equals 12% highest possible grade). Extra Credit: Extra credit is not available. Attendance and Participation: Although attendance does not contribute to your grade, participation does. By registering for a hybrid course, you have made a commitment to participate in class discussions and activities as well as other online activities. Please plan to participate regularly in addition to participating in your face-to-face component. You will note in the grading policy that

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