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C.S. Lewis writes about God-love and Gift-love and the differences between both. He starts off describing Need-love. The best I can describe Need-love is in this passage on page 2: "We are born helpless. As soon as we are fully conscious we discover loneliness. We need others physically, emotionally, intellectually; we need them if we are to know anything, even ourselves." We can perceive Need-love to be selfish but as C.S. Lewis uses an example to describe how Need-love is not always selfish, "Need-love in consciousness- in other words, the illusory feeling that it is good for us to be alone- is a bad spiritual symptom; just as lack of appetite is a bad medical symptom because men do really need food." After this Lewis
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And demons never keep their promises. Nature "dies" on those who try to live for a love of nature." The love of nature is not the only kind of love that can turn demonic; love for one's country, patriotism, can turn demonic and can bring on wicked acts between countries; "Demonic patriotism in their subjects… will make it easier for them to act wickedly; healthy patriotism may make it harder." There are three factors to whichever type of patriotism:
1. The love of home and of old acquaintance is the love for the place and the way of life at this place.
This love does not lead to any violent acts upon foreigners and does not promote xenophobia, but instead it, as C.S. Lewis states, "becomes militant only to protect what it loves…. It produces a good attitude towards foreigners." C.S. Lewis also lands on other key points; "The last thing we want is to make everywhere else just like our own home. It would not be home unless it were different."
2. Attitude to our country's past (the great deeds of our ancestors) does not have as good credentials as the love of one's country.
3. C.S. Lewis writes, "A firm belief that our own nation… has long been, and still is markedly superior to all others."
4. C.S. Lewis writes, "If our nations is really so much better than others it may be held to have either the duties or the rights of a superior being towards them."
Once we end up with this idea we "reach the stage where

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