Cryptography Is The Study And Practice Of Secret Writing And Communication

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Cryptography is the study and practice of secret writing and communication. It could also be said to be art and as such provide the keys and locks of the Information Age. Secret writing developed into two different branches. One of them is steganography, derived from Greek words meaning “covered” and “to write”. Cryptography was created in parallel to this. It originates from the Greek word of kryptos meaning “hidden”. Whereas in steganography the purpose is to hide a message, so that it cannot be found easily, in cryptography the aim is to hide the meaning of the message through the means of encryption. These all are part of secret writing. Written with the purpose of covering or hiding the message so that no other individual, except the intended recipient will be able to read it. Code is often used in the common language to mean both codes and cyphers, thought officially it is defined as substitution of words, whereas a cypher is substitution at the level of individual letters. In a general level the functions of scrambling and unscrambling messages can be called encryption and decryption, thought depending on which technique is used there exists a more specific vocabulary. The opposite of cryptography is cryptanalysis, the science of breaking codes and ciphers. One of the earliest cryptanalytic techniques is frequency analysis, a process which was first described by “the philosopher of Arabs, al-Kindi” in the ninth century. The basis of this technique is the analysis…

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