Essay on Crucible

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N’dea Williams

How does Arthur Miller use a specific character to portray how people solve or fail to solve moral problems?

A crucible refers to a container made of a substance that can resist great heat, for melting. In “The Crucible” the author uses characters that have moral problems that they either solve or fail to solve. John Proctor, Abigail, and Reverend Hale are considered the main characters in “The Crucible”. Abigail’s moral problem is lying. Abigail failed to solve her moral problem by choosing to lie to get out of various situations. Abigail did not like that Goody Proctor is the reason for her and Proctor’s failed relationship. Abigail chose to use Tituba’s voodoo skills to kill Proctor’s
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I saw Sarah Good with the Devil! I saw Goody Osburn with the Devil! I saw Bridget Bishop with the Devil!” Abigail saw confessing as a sign of relief. To solve her moral problem, Abigail started to blame other girls in town. Elizabeth Proctor is accused of keeping poppets in her home. The poppet is a doll with voodoo magic used to harm people. It wasn’t a good look for Elizabeth, from the outside looking in because a poppet was found in her home with a needle stuck in the stomach area. Abigail sabotaged Elizabeth’s reputation in court when she brought up that she had been stabbed in the stomach, revealing that Elizabeth had something to do with Abigail’s injury. The conversation between Cheever and Proctor stated, Cheever, “I am given sixteen warrants tonight, sir, and she is one.” Proctor, “Who charged her?” Cheever, “Why, Abigail Williams charge her.” Proctor, “On what proof, what proof?” Cheever, “Mr. Proctor, I have little time. The court bid me search your house, but I like not to search a house. So will you hand me any poppet’s that your wife may keep here?” Cheever has been given several warrants for individuals to search their homes and Elizabeth Proctor happened to be one of them. Proctor was shocked that his wife may be involved. Abigail continues to fail to solve her moral problem and as a result putting others such as, Elizabeth Proctor in harm’s way. Throughout the whole story Abigail has a problem

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