Crucible vs Muslim Treatment Post 9/11 Essay

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Crucible vs Muslim Treatment Post 9/11

Fear in itself is something to be feared. Fear is the primary source of insanity and chaos. Fear alone sent the Puritan society of Salem, Massachusetts into a state of utter hysteria in the year 1692, when one of the world's most infamous witch hunts occurred. Arthur Millers play, The Crucible, is a historical fiction depicting the events of the Salem Witch Trials. A witch hunt is a political campaign launched on the pretext of investigating activities subversive to the state. Every witch hunt is identifiable by the five key elements; the use of a scapegoat, a struggle to maintain moral order, a subversive character or group, an outbreak of hysteria and panic, and ulterior motives that provide
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Abigail sets the witchcraft hysteria in motion with selfish intentions of earning John Proctors love. The hunt stems solely from her yearning for the “John Proctor that took [her] from [her] sleep and put knowledge in [her] heart!” (19). On top of this, she feeds off the power given to her by the court. Once disregarded by her community, the witch-hunt has put Abby in a position of authority; she has the power to send any given townsfolk to his/her grave. Accusations are made in attempts to draw attention from the group of young girls own personal deeds of shame. Abigail and her group of girls continue to accuse innocent women with no provocation in order to draw attention from their own personal shameful deeds. Each time their accusations are questioned a new victim is chosen. Thomas Putnum, Salem resident and farmer, vindictively accuses others in hopes of increasing his personal wealth. At the beginning of the play, the argument between Putnam, Giles, and Proctor shows contentions between neighbors over land: “The tract is in my bounds, it's my bounds, Mr. Proctor,” says Putnam (32). Later in the play, Rebecca Nurse, Giles Corey and John Proctor are prosecuted. To whom will the tract go? Only Mr. Putnam can afford it.

Also fueled by selfish intention was Hitler’s Holocaust. Hitler wanted to be the most powerful and respected man in the world. He hated the Jews, as Abigail hated the people she accused, but like Abby he wiped them out with ulterior

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