Crowdsourcing Essay examples

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Crowdsourcing: A better mousetrap or another trick?
The art of gathering information for a prospective product has long been a tedious task of advertisers, manufactures, and entertainment producers since the inception of advertising. It was realized that if a company could figure out what consumers wanted or needed they could tailor their products or services to them and save money from making things no one wanted. However, to do this, companies or advertisers would have to gather large groups of people together and present the products or services and gather feedback from those people. While this was the model for decades, and still is the primary method of gathering information, there is a new and possibly better way to present new
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Or, perhaps the results could be tainted by someone gathering a bunch of people to vote a certain way in an attempt to influence a company to purchase their product or service.
This writer has been involved in various forms of crowdsourcing for years, and has seen that it would be easy for the results to be manipulated one way or the other by simply having a group vote one way or the other. For example, I was once involved in a project where an advertising company was gathering opinions for a new product that would have allowed for more people to get internet access than was possible at that time. The research was to decide whether a radio frequency-based internet service would be popular enough to implement. Yes, it was eventually implemented in some areas, but it almost wasn’t. It was discovered part-way through the study that several internet service providers were paying customers to vote against the idea. Once the deception was discovered, the company doing the research stopped the project and changed the way it was registering people for the study. While many were legitimate, there were enough that were not that it completely ruined the study, and cost the company a lot of money to redo the study.
It is easy to see how the results could be manipulated to favor one side or the other, and it could be difficult to discover if the results are accurate. However, that’s not the only potential pitfall. Another

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