Crowding Of Emergency Departments ( Ed ) Essay example

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Crowding of Emergency Departments (ED) is a major problem that not only effects the patients seeking medical attention, but the hospital staff trying to provide effective and quality care. With so many factors contributing to the overcrowding issue, it is impossible for nurses to resolve the situation without assistance. “The intense and continuous work overload, combined with the lack of response from organizational management, can compromise the work process and the quality of the healthcare service provided to the population.” (George & Evridiki, 2015) However, nurses do have a unique role within the healthcare system where they can utilize different strategies and implement new policies to promote safety, improve patient outcomes, and increase overall satisfaction for all individuals involved.
ED’s busting at the seams with patients are becoming routine occurrences not only throughout the United States, but worldwide. “The Institute of Medicine describes the six dimensions of quality care as: safety, effectiveness, patient-centeredness, efficiency, timeliness, and equity.” (George & Evridiki, 2015) Congested ED’s are associated with decreased patient satisfaction and undeniably poor quality of care. The excessive waiting room time may cause some people to become so impatient and frustrated that they leave without being examined. The patients that do stay experience consistent delays in treatment and care. Patients coming into a crowded ED may wait hours just to be…

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