Crossroads Is A Culture Of Life For Every Woman Essay

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Crossroads creates a culture of life for every woman who comes to us. She experiences the compassion of Christ through volunteers and staff who help meet her physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Crossroads shares the truth about abortion and empowers her to choose life for her unborn baby through medical services, counseling and abortion education. We offer every client the opportunity to pray and share the Gospel with those open to hearing. Crossroads exists to protect the sanctity of human life by impacting hearts and minds with the love of Jesus Christ.

Servicing both men and women of all ages Crossroads offers free ultrasound, pregnancy testing, HIV/AIDS testing, STD/STI testing and treatment. Crossroads primary function is to help abortion minded women more knowledgeable of other alternatives that will ensure safety of both the mother and unborn child. Crossroads provides pregnancy counseling to help women understand their situation, options and the tiny life that’s growing inside of them. Crossroads also provides counseling for other people in the woman 's life, such as parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives and the father of the baby. Trained volunteers help to provide individual or family communication sessions to process the issues that they are all facing.
Women who have gone through an abortion and are experiencing emotional distress are also offered services through the Crossroads program Passages, a Post Abortion Counseling and Recovery Program…

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