Essay about Cross Racial And Cross Ethnic Casting

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Today cross-racial and cross-ethnic casting are concerns which people are paying attention to. Everyone is split on this controversy. A few people assume that it is completely respectable for an actor to portray someone from a different ethnic or race group. Others have clashing beliefs. Actors should not play someone from a different ethnic or race group because they are emphasizing racial hierarchy, mocking them, and concluding that the race that they actually are is the norm. Some people believe in allowing actors of one ethnic group to play characters of another race or ethnic group. Employment security for caucasian actors was one apparent cause for why these depictions succeeded on screen and in theater life. Robert B. Ito says in his article A Certain Slant: A Brief History of Hollywood Yellowface, “With the relatively small percentage of actors that support themselves by acting, it was only logical that they should try to limit the available talent pool as much as possible” (Ito, no page). One more reason was that there simply were not any capable or skilled non-white actors. Ito discusses how English actor Jonathan Pryce was picked to portray a Eurasian hustler in the stage production of Miss Saigon. Ito says, “[It is a] sentiment echoed by Miss Saigon’s casting director, who stated that if there had been a suitable Asian actor for the role of the Eurasian pimp, “we would surely have sniffed him out by now”” (Ito, no page). Certainly, this kind of thought is a…

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