Essay on Cross District Visit At Park Intermediate School

1159 Words Apr 7th, 2016 null Page
I completed my cross-district visit at Park Intermediate School, in Southwestern with Mrs. DiPietro. As soon as I pulled into the school parking lot, I knew it was going to be completely different from my FEEP school. The building from the outside was much larger and looked a lot nicer. Once I walked inside, everything was clean and it looked like a brand new school compared to Hamilton Elementary School. When I walked into Mrs. DiPietro’s sixth-grade literature classroom, I noticed how everything was much more organized and she had about 20 students in her room. While I was there, Mrs. DiPietro was having a study period, where all the students got to catch up on their work. The students who were already caught up on their schoolwork had the privilege to study or read during this time. As I was in her classroom, I was able to walk around and help the students who were behind on their work. Mostly all of her sixth-grade students were working hard and getting their work done. There was one child who was easily distracted by everything and refused to do his work. When this happened, Mrs. DiPietro pulled him aside and explained to him how important it is to use this study period to catch up on all his missed work. I then offered to help this particular student and he was able to finish his work with a little extra help. After the study period ended, Mrs. DiPietro passed out a literature exam and the students had the entire class period to take it. This allowed the students to…

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