Cross Culture And Cross Cultural Values Essay

785 Words Jun 7th, 2015 4 Pages
Culture is a particular society, or group of people who share similar beliefs and the ways of thinking. As we all know the world is getting more and more globalized. Whether it is students willing to study abroad or business companies cooperate with cross-culture people. The globalization developed rapidly, and the chances of meeting new people from the different culture are not getting any lower. As the data from all readings, I have read. I summing up the major problems. That are language difficulties and cross-cultural 's value and assumption differences. Cross-culture commutation sometimes can be frighting, and some people will say:"I will just stay home and avoid non-native speakers ' conversations." It seems reasonable, but like I said that the world is functioning and operate like a family. After all, Multi-culture study is no longer straightforward, but it is definitely a fascinating topic for everyone to study and understand. Multi-culture communicating is a difficult social activity. The cross-culture communication usually contains certain verbal language, body language, and slang differences. These language barriers usually cause misunderstanding, even conflicts. Such as In Japan 's business meeting. Japanese people will use the bow to show respect and greetings. On the other hand, western countries might use handshakes or even hugs. Those body language differences can often refer to other culture 's impolite and comfortless. Thus, I remembered the time when I…

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