Cross-Cultural Training Case Study

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According to Dowling & Welch (2004) defined cross-cultural training as a planned intervention designed to increase the knowledge and skills of expatriates to live and work effectively and achieve general life satisfaction in an unfamiliar host culture. Cross-cultural training is generally seen by researchers as necessary to increase the probability of success on foreign assignments. The training should differ according to different phases of the foreign assignment and depending on the psychological receptivity of the expatriate to the culture. Also an element of pre-departure training should be included. In the pre-departure phase, the training material should include essential information on local living conditions and the details of the cross-cultural …show more content…
Also that it helps expatriates to cope with unforeseen circumstances and reduce conflicts which may occur due to those circumstances. Additionally, the cross-cultural training enables the expatriate to create realistic expectations of their international assignment with respect to living and working in the host country. Therefore, as some of the employees will be going for international assignment it is important that they should be aware of the cultural behaviours that are acceptable in the foreign countries. It should be noted that the need for this kind of pre-departure training is likely to be determined in part by the nature of the assignment. At one extreme, assignments can requiring extensive interaction with locals (e.g. a key representational role in isolated parts of a new country), and at the other end, there are assignments that may be almost entirely technology related, with the expatriate living in a close expatriate community in a capital city or even a specific compound reserved for their compatriots. The hospitality industry demands interaction with the locals in the host country therefore it is important that the employees going abroad must go for cross cultural training to enable them learn the

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