Cross Cultural Research Paper

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Cross Cultural Research Paper
Research is essential to all disciplines in Psychology, including Cross Cultural Psychology, for theory development, theory testing and to test theories against other theories. Also, research is a way to test ideas and hypothesis about different cultures related to specific concepts and trends gender, immigration attitudes, and comparative research compares different cultures to determine how they differ and/or are similar on such concepts as gender issues, child rearing, cognition, attitudes, etc. as they relate to culture. That is cross-cultural relative study and additional kinds of study can be concerned in the methods in which culture and correlated ideas for instance ethnicity influences the behavior
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There are a central set of customary values and beliefs within each cultural group accompanied by a group of current, local society's values and beliefs. Some native people have incorporated the beliefs and values of the main society, whereas others hold steadfastly to customary belief systems (Weaver, 1999). According to Pace, Robbins, Choney, Hill, Lacey, and Blair (2006) conventional Native American viewpoints are that American customs does not support the wellbeing of the tribe and is more harmful than beneficial. Frequently native societies are very defensive and compassionate toward their own community; nevertheless this protectiveness may end in refusing a tribal member who seems to be a danger to the society (Weaver, 1999). Views of communication, time, nature, society, family, and self materialized from this fundamental world outlook.
Several Native Americans have faith in spiritual influence and that it can precede to various accountable behaviors (Pace et al. 2006). They look to the sky and the Earth for guidance, strength, and basic necessities. The most basic common theme is that most tribes hold to a world view in which humans are seen as equal to the rest of creation. Native individuals substantiated within the cultures that they exist in can profit from all kinds of customary health-giving methods that can consist of the use of herbs, ceremonies

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