Cross-Cultural Program Analysis

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The cross-cultural program at Carroll University has made me into a better citizen and job candidate by allowing me to reach my educational goals. Distribution courses outside of my major gave me the opportunity to learn about and implement different methods of thinking and problem solving. Cross-cultural courses gave me a chance to further investigate my own culture and others, allowing me to expand my worldview and understand other issues in the world. My overall education at Carroll was successful in preparing me for my future by giving me the skills needed to be a contributing member of the increasingly diverse society that we all live in. Carroll University implements a cross-cultural program that is very helpful in broadening the viewpoints …show more content…
The education I received gave me the opportunity to enhance my skills related to working with people. Psychology courses in my major helped me to understand people in relation to how they behave in the world. This will help me interact with different kinds of people in a more effective way. Cross-cultural courses introduced me to the cultures of people who are partially or completely different than me. This will enable me to relate to those in my workplace that may have different ideas than me. Being able to develop solid relationships with professors and other colleagues helped me develop my interpersonal skills and will help me in the workplace to be open and approachable by others. Carroll taught me to appreciate challenge through the variety of classes I was either required to take or those that I took optionally. Not every class covered material that I was able to learn easily and this taught me to learn in a variety of ways. When I graduate I will use this ability to overcome challenging learning situations. Through my classes I learned to embrace challenge and also to accept failure as well. Failure is a chance to learn from your mistakes and to change the way you handle situations or the way you approach a problem, and thus is something I will be able to apply in the workplace. Carroll taught me how to move past small setbacks and instead focus on how I can improve my performance. This will be invaluable to me in the workplace. Resilience is extremely important to success and Carroll helped me develop this trait. Through my education at Carroll, I learned a great deal about my own personal development. Before one can truly understand how to relate to others, they must know their own strengths and weaknesses and work to improve them in order to be effective in society.

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