Cross Cultural Mangement Renault Philippines Case Study Essay

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Cross Cultural Management: Philippines - Case Study


After a detailed market survey, Renault the French automobile constructor firm, decided to establish a branch in Philippines. Indeed it appeared that the Filipino market is very attractive, and presents a lot of opportunities. Renault decided to set a first selling centre in Manila. This mission has been assigned to mister Jean-Claude Duss. The real challenge for Mister Duss will be to build a local team and to be its leader.


- to find an office in Manila ( where the team will be trained )
- to build a team
- to set up a relation network
- to develop an informal network
- to build a brand image
- to acquire a notoriety
- to find new points
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The best time for the appointments is at mid-morning or mid to late afternoon. Filipinos are Christian, so Sundays and all days relating to the religion must be avoided for appointments. Furthermore, meetings have to be taken 2 weeks before, have to be reconfirmed with the purpose of the meeting.

Then, to counter this lack of punctuality Mr Duss had two very subtle ideas. First he wants to bring forward deadlines of two days. On the one hand, if the work is done on time, it lets time to Mr Duss to check what has been done. On the other hand if the work is not done on time, he has still two days to make it done. Secondly, on the second Monday, it is planned to offer each employee a beautiful diary. Inside this diary, there will be a picture of all the team with families in the entertainment park. This gift is to remember subtlety deadlines, and to make a personalized gift as a sign of welcome.

To help him in this task, Mr Duss has set up a checklist system. Then every week, Mr Duss will check the labour accomplished by the manager. After three bullets unreached, an individual interview is planned, and if problems continue, it is not excluded to fire the manager.

Besides, Filipinos are known to never say “no”. Then Mr Duss has to be very careful of his explanations and has to know each manager to decode a smile or a weird face. He also has, maybe to repeat one thing in different way to be sure that it is well understood.

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