Cross Cultural Management Training Program Essay

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Introduction Cross-cultural management describes the behavior of people in organizations across the globe and shows people how to work with employees of different cultures by focusing on the components of the interactions and multicultural dynamics (Adler, 2008, p. 13). Cross-cultural adjustment refers to the extent to which expatriates are aware of and are comfortable with the characteristics of a foreign culture. Expatriates have a higher opportunity for success in an assignment when they imitate or learn the behaviors associated with the new culture. For this to be possible, the expatriate must have an open mind and be accepting of the new culture (Peltokorpi, 2008, p. 1589).
The Fred Bailey case is a prime example of the problems that may arise when a leader lacks focus and awareness of the cultural differences on an expatriate assignment. The cause of the problems in the case are primarily because Kline & Associates does not have a pre-departure cross-cultural and management-training program or on-assignment support for Fred and his family to resolve the problems they face in Tokyo (Black, 1996). The issues faced by Fred and his family are likely common ones experienced by expatriates working in jurisdictions with different languages and cultures. In this analysis, I will identify the most important issues in the case and the decisions that need to be made to resolve them. I will analyze the external and internal factors related to Kline & Associates and…

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