Cross Cultural Communication : An Individualist Culture Essay

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Cross-cultural communication occurs when a person from one culture sends a message to a person from another culture. The chances of accurately transmitting a message are, therefore, low during this type of communication and misunderstandings often arise as a result of misperception, misinterpretation, and misevaluation. People of the Lebanese culture perceive, interpret, and evaluate messages differently to people of the Australian culture, leading to the emergence of communication barriers between the two cultures.

Contrasting cultural orientations commonly limit effective communication between people of the Lebanese culture and people of the Australian culture. Lebanon is considered a collectivist culture, with its population focusing on the needs and welfare of in-group members. Australia, on the contrary, is regarded as an individualist culture, with much of society focusing on the idiosyncratic needs, desires, and goals of individuals. Communicating across theses cultures can, therefore, be quite challenging, as their values are entirely different. Lebanese people are generally warm and friendly and, as a collectivist culture, have a very small bubble of privacy. This was reinforced by my primary research, which revealed that “daily life [in Lebanon] is built around connections and contact made with those who surround you.” Thus, excluding oneself from community-based interactions is considered discourteous in Lebanese societies. This contrasts significantly to the…

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