Cross Border Valuation Essay

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Cross-Border Valuation
Cross-border investment has assumed a prominent place among the key decisions facing investors and corporate managers. In today’s increasingly global marketplace, many investment projects, corporate acquisitions and mergers have important international components. The importance of cross-border valuation methods have been underscored by trends toward the relaxation of capital controls, European economic integration, and, since the early 1990s, the opening and growth of Eastern European, Russian, Asian and Latin American markets.
Cross-border acquisitions have been a particularly prevalent form of investment since 1980.
American corporations, for example, increased their
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Whether to use foreign or domestic tax rates.

The proper calculation of the cost of capital used to discount the cash flows.

The appropriate treatment of special risks unique to cross-border investments such as foreign exchange risk, political risk, etc.

This note is a revised and abridged version of the “Note on Cross-Border Valuation” (HBS No. 292-084), originally prepared by Professor W. Carl Kester and Research Associate Julia Morley, abridged by Professor Kenneth A. Froot, as the basis for class discussion.
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Cross-Border Valuation

Second, these issues are explored using two different discounted-cash-flow methods of valuation. These are the weighted average cost of capital method (WACC),

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