Crosby's Arguments Concerning The Neolithic Revolution

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Stephan Pokam
October 24 2016
Ecological Paper Throughout chapter 1 Crosby develops many arguments concerning the Neolithic revolution. The arguments include reasons as to why old world regions of the world suffered from the revolution that had occurred in new world countries. Crosby also states how many aspects of new world civilizations arose across Europe and Asia, most profoundly in the Middle East. Moreover, in this paper, I will introduce you to many of Crosby’s illuminating statements made in his book. Crosby first delves into the supercontinent of Pangea and how the breaking up of this huge land mass led to the spread out of Homo sapiens across the globe. Crosby states that “The break-up of Pangea and the decentralization of the of
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The land between the Tigris and Euphrates River became known as the fertile crescent. The crescent was home to one of the very first highly concentrated cities of the ancient world. The name of this civilization was Sumerian, Sumeria is where the modern day human society really launched off. In this land rose the invention of an alphabet, the alphabet was written on papyrus leaves an engraved on clay tablets. This form of writing was known as cuneiform and this in hand with the alphabet led to the use of language. Also metallurgy developed and these new metal tools were much more durable in terms of use that could range from agricultural to military. Sumerias greatness was due to their abundance in crops such as barely, peas and lentils. As well as their abundance in domesticated animals in their herds of cattle, sheep, pigs and goats. Sumerias densely populated city became dependent on agriculture and the domestication of animals for food and nourishment. Crosby makes a captivating argument in the case that “The true strength of society, however, lies not in its billionaires but in its common folk and their strength” (page 24). Crosby is stating that the leaders of a country do not represent the true might of a civilization. The true might of Sumerian culture lay in what Crosby calls the extended family. The extended family includes all members of the farms, the cows, sheep, and the family that works that plot of land. The Sumerians could depend on their farm animals because they supplied nourishment that allowed civilization to flourish. It is very important for civilizations to be internally independent because it allows them to grow in power. So a country that is better fed will be better develop than a country that is not well fed. In an example ,Crosby gives an example of Mongol Horsemen that were fierce warriors during

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