Crocodile Hogan Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… She is the posh, sophisticated, upper class woman of New York City. Several elements, including her silky coloured dress shirt demonstrates that she is educated, professional and a contributor to society through the workforce. Her jewelry consists of a bracelet and a loosely hanging necklace, showing her attitude towards wealth and how she is the one in control, not governed by either her emotions or passions. Her styled hair is western and shows she cares about looking good, and although very stylish, it is short, to show that New York women are disciplined. Her slim body means she takes she takes care in her health and her conservative makeup shows she is in sync with the times. Her physical appearance may seem attractive to men but viewers might also feel sympathetic because she is pressured and obliged to live up to society’s expectations. Viewers also respect her for being able to work for herself and purchase such items from her own pocket, showing independence. However she still looks insecure and helpless. This can mean that New York women are usual targets of harassment maybe sexually and need protection. Her lean onto Paul shows her dependence on him and her scared and anxious facial expression supports the idea that she needs him. The parted lips and wide eyes show fear and dependence and this idea is affirmed by her hand pulling on Paul’s vest. The woman’s construction may prompt viewers to feel New York City women are in need of men with such values as Australian men to protect them. It confirms the idea that New York City is dangerous, full of sexual predators who find pleasure in harassing women such as Linda. Viewers may also feel disrespect towards her because she’s being a product of society’s desire for a sex symbol and not an individual; she must conform to fit in and so it is her fault if she is harassed

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