Essay Croatia As A Independent Nation

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Croatia is currently an independent nation in Eastern Europe. It has rich culture and a compelling past. Since 1918, Croatia was one of fourteen different nations that made up the country of Yugoslavia. Although many Croats felt connected to the other citizens of Yugoslavia, nationalistic movements gained popularity due to ethnic tensions between the republics. The Croatian government felt that the government was not benefitting them as much as it should, and therefore declared independence in 1991. Due to Croatia’s 20th century history and role in recent events, it has evolved into an influential nation that participates with stronger countries in political and economical affairs.
During the second World War, Germany began to take over several countries in Eastern Europe. In addition to Denmark and Norway, Hitler, the German Nazi leader, invaded the nations in Yugoslavia. Initially, Yugoslavia and leader Milan Stojadinović attempted to stay neutral with Italy and even France. After Stojadinović’s rule ended, internal conflicts began to rise between the Yugoslavian states; nationalist parties began to erupt in Croatia, demanding an increase in autonomy. Once Germany invaded Yugoslavia, Croatia sided with Hitler and the Axis powers but Serbia wanted an alliance with the Allied powers and the United States. Already, tensions began to rise along the borders of Yugoslavia. In Croatia, a terroristic nationalist party, the Ustasha, quickly gained power by force. Along with the…

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