Crm Technology : The Utilization Of Mindbodyonline Software Essay

1453 Words Nov 5th, 2016 6 Pages
CRM technology will include the utilization of MindBodyOnline software. This software is designed for the spa and wellness industry and will give us the latitude to grow our business in new directions while being a platform that most of our customers should already be familiar with. Again, ease of use by the client is paramount to booking success. This software will allow our clients to book appointments online, by phone, and to view other offers and services. We will also use phone pay services and provide curbside pick up to maximize ease of use for clients. The business may also be enhanced with the utilization of a POS system. These systems now go beyond just processing transactions. Point of Sale (POS) terminals will offer the ability to integrate the system with QuickBooks to track daily financial information, while capturing customer information and purchase histories. It will also assist in inventory tracking and ordering and streamlining of billing and payroll practices, thus increasing operational efficiency of the business. The system will also be able to be used at various location events and in the future as we incorporate pet pick up, and drop off. Further, utilizing the advanced features of POS will help to save time and prevent inconsistent numbers by automatically syncing data in real time as sales occur. (Angeles, 2016)
For the business to flourish it will utilize these technology applications immediately upon opening. This system will also be beneficial…

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