Crm Prototype Essay

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Customer Relationship Management Proposal For
Fish Lover’s


Section I: Introduction

Section II: Previous Works In The Field And Its Advantages Of The Approach Over Existing Prototypes

Section III: Key Ideas Of Research With CRM In Today’s Trends

Section IV: Prototype CRM System For Fish Lover’s

Section V: Extending System To Other Area Of Business.

Section VI: Conclusion


The key element of a business is to make profit. To reach these goal customers has to be satisfied. Giving attention to the customer’s need and requirement has become the foremost important goal of 99% of the companies today.

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM is a strategy
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Gronooos ( as cited in CRM tool-kit) Modern marketers are rediscovering the ancient mantras for success in corporate world and blending them with contemporary marketing practices. Long term survival and competitive advantage can only be attained by establishing an emotional bond with the customers. A shift is taking place from marketing to anonymous masses of customers to developing and managing relationships with more or less well known or at least some identified customers (CRM tool-kit).

In todays world we see different types of customer care models using as client management strategies. A good CRM model should contain the following areas relationship management, sales force automation, and use of technology and opportunity management.

Customers prefer different platforms for customer care. (Figure 1)
Managing customer service is becoming increasingly complex as customers use a mix of more channels to engage with customer service. Figure 1 shows consumer preferences for customer service in Europe (France, Germany and the UK). (Ovum, November 2012) According to Korotov (as cited in Azizul,H.& Masud, P,2013) “All of these are largely intertwined and till the recent time, there has not been any sign observed that tends to break the theoretical settings of CRM. The core of the contents and the focuses has been considerably altered with technological advancement and for the last few decades companies

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