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Hana Fitriani, Hurul Aini, Nisa Zulhikmah Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia September 2013 Email:,,

ABSTRACT At present, CRM or Customer Relationship Management plays a key role in business management. EIRP or Enterprise Resource Planning plays a key role in business management. It is widely used by companies to support the integration of internal process within organization (marketing, selling, and service) with external network i.e. customer. For some companies, CRM is very useful by increasing market share, making the upselling and cross-selling, and making quicker cash flow.
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Instead of worrying about logistics or spending time wrestling a complex marketing application, X2CRM’s simplified, intuitive interfaces enable us to focus our time and energy on developing compelling, differentiating marketing most likely to resonate with prospects and customers.

b. Sales & Service X2CRM is a flexible system which can be customized and extended as needed and it will seamlessly scale up as your business grows.

1. Contact Management Contact interface is customizable so we can organize and display everything according to our organization’s personal needs.

[pic] Contact management interface

2. Opportunities, Relationships, & Action History Includes information about the opportunity including sales stage, probability, price quote, information regarding associated workflow, relationships, relevant tags, and the complete opportunity history are included on each opportunity page.

[pic] Relationship interface

[pic] Action History interface

3. Sales Funnel Most organizations have some type of sales funnel where leads move from one stage to another as they become more qualified.

[pic] Sales Funnel interface

4. Email Correspondence X2CRM allows you to quickly and easily send rich text emails while recording these action so

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