Crm And Evolution Of Marketing Online Essay

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CRM and evolution of Marketing online
Online commerce is evolving rapidly and your business should not fall behind.
Just last week a new explosive shopping expo was launched in China marked The Global shopping festival - it takes the place of what was once Singles Day. The 11-11 holiday was adopted by online retail giant Initially the day was a commemorative occasion for single people when they would buy gifts in celebration of their status. Today the event could well already be the world 's largest 24 hour shopping event.
Why your business needs to use CRM software
Imagine using a CRM system to get advanced "tickets" to such an event. You know in advance the event is being tweeted, posted, shared and ravenously consumed on social media - what do you do?
Assuming you are selling gaming accessories such as keyboards and peripheral devices, you would do well to set up your stand and make it look like 2070. Bright colors, nice music and pretty girls to take your prospecting clients around - even a small photo booth to give the something to take home.
That is the potential CRM bears for your business.
CRM for success in Lead Generation/Conversion
Effective implementation of CRM in your daily operations could mean a world of difference, given that 91% of consumers perform online research before buying with 51% actually making the eventual purchase online.
For your business this means the longer you take to implement CRM backed strategies, the more business you are…

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