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Critique writing - The Visitor

This essay will provide a critical view of Patricia Cresswell’s “The Visitor”. It will look at the use of language, point of view, use of imagery, characterisation and setting to name but a few. I will provide my opinions on the piece of writing and explain my reasoning behind this.
Cresswell’s use of language in The Visitor strongly suggests to me that McGill is isolated and lonely. The use of the word “frosted” when describing the outside of McGill’s home could be seen as a metaphor for his personality. The writer also states that the “frosted grass” could be “anticipating the approach of an intruder”. The word intruder is a strong choice of word, as opposed to guest or visitor, suggesting that the idea
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The use of the sentence “when she left, he only lived to see her come again” suggests a strong bond has formed and she has saved him from a life of loneliness.
It could be argued that as the story is written from McGill’s point of view, it is likely to be biased. The writer has previously suggested that McGill has a lack of social skills within the introduction to the story. Cresswell describes McGill as “frustrated and bewildered” which confirms to the reader McGill has a lack of understanding of the situation and suggests that this has potentially been misjudged.
The writer indicates that the village has a preconception of McGill, which implies that the reader’s knowledge of McGill’s past is limited. The writer depicts this by showing “he was laughed at” and “the air was chocked with mocking voices”. The writer also shows the level of panic in the woman’s voice “[she] screamed something incomprehensible”. The use of the word incomprehensible suggests that the woman feels the need to intervene before she can properly articulate her thoughts.
To conclude, I believe that McGill is shown to be a lonely and misunderstood character who has to best interests, but unfortunately lacks in social skills. However, it could be said that McGill had malicious intentions and should have known better than to befriend a young

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