Critique Of Wind Power Puffery Essay

1010 Words Nov 3rd, 2014 null Page
Critique of “Wind Power Puffery” In his article, “Wind Power Puffery”, H. Sterling Burnett argues that the advantages of wind power are grossly exaggerated and often cause more harm than good. Burnett, an expert in America on environmental issues, has obtained a Ph.D. in philosophy and a B.A. in cultural anthropology. He mainly writes opinion based articles about current environmental and energy topics and wrote this article to express his opinion on wind generated energy. Supporters of using wind energy in place of burning fossil fuels claim that relying on wind power will decrease air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, which Burnett strongly disagrees with. With these strong wind energy advocates in mind, he criticizes the supposed benefits of wind energy and gives prominence to the negative aspects of using wind farms. His main reasons for opposing the pursuit of wind power turbines are the low performance quality, the thousands of acres of land they use, and the environmental havoc they have caused to birds and bats. Burnett argues that wind turbines are a very unreliable source of renewable energy. If there is too little wind the turbines aren’t generating a sufficient amount of energy; if the wind is blowing at too great a speed the turbines must be shut off to avoid damage. Finding a place that could support a wind farm is a challenge not only because the wind needs to be constant but also because the right facility is needed. Also, wind farms generate a mere…

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