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This paper will review and critique Hess's quantitative study of vascular access improvement in pediatric population by using a vein viewing device. The author utilized a prospective, non-randomized study at a tertiary care center. The sample of the study included 150 procedures in the control group and 91 procedures in the experimental group from the ages 0 to 17 years. The primary aim of the study was to increase the first-attempt success rate of venipuncture and decrease procedure time for the study population.

Problem and Purpose The author of this study reveals the widespread problem of the venipuncture among the pediatric population and clearly states the purpose of the study. Hess (2010) associated the failure of
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Moreover, the researcher does not present an actual number of the study participants (population). Instead the author uses the term "sets," and involves one patient several times, "multiple data entry points could be recorded on one patient." Secondly, the study sample demonstrates a large discrepancy between control (n=150) and experimental (n=91) groups. Such a discrepancy in groups causes an invalidity of the research. Moreover, there is a substantial difference of the mean ages of groups: control group 5.7 years and the mean age of experimental group was 9 years. The older age and an anatomical development of the experimental sample might affect the success rate of the vascular access. Therefore, groups with a large mean age difference may not be compared. Lastly, the sample size is not large enough to interpret the effectiveness of the device.
Measurements of variables The study demonstrated measurement of a single independent variable and of multiple dependent variables. The manipulation of the Vein Viewer was represented as an independent variable. Four dependent variables were grouped as the first-attempt success, number of attempts per patient, time needed to complete the procedure, the age of patient (Hess, 2010). Data collection of dependent

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