Critique Of Barbara Ehrenreich 's Critique Essay

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Book Critique

Barbara Ehrenreich starts her book by discussing how the lower class of America can survive on the minimum wage. She thinks that living as the lower class is unfair and impractical and hopes that one day they will do something one day and strike for higher wages. She finds it difficult when she discovers that the when housing goes up and minimum wage stays the same it is nearly impossible to compete with this income. Especially women who will be “booted into the labor market by welfare reform going to make it on $6 or $7 an hour?” This is where she uses taking the role of the other. All to see if she can match her income to her expenses.

This leads her to ponder to commence her journey to investigate. With an achieved status of having a Ph.D. in biology, she is able to afford this investigation for quite some time. This leads her to some of the guidelines she has made. She cannot drift away from her skills she has developed from school and work. In order to survive through this expedition. She has to adapt and in order to be safe and have privacy she must accept the cheapest accodommations[NG1] . Although she is now entering the workforce, divorced she has a couple guidelines that she will never cross, always have food, a car, and a place to sleep. As she begins her journey she goes through about five jobs, two waitressing jobs, a hotel maid, an associate at a plumbing store named Menards and a Wal-Mart associate. In my chapter she…

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