Critique Of A Thoughtworld : Critique Essay

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Critique of a Thoughtworld
1.) In Hirsch’s “critique of a thoughtworld”, from The Schools We Need and Why We Don’t Have Them, he begins by talking about what he believes to be is the “one true belief” among mainstream educationists. He believes that the “one true belief” is characterized as a “constantly repeated catechism” that has “currently no thinkable alternative”(Hirsch, p.69). What he means by this is that for quite some time now educationists have been using the same old out dated logic in our education system, and they will not look at any different options, because they will not accept that their “one true belief” could be wrong. If they could just put their beliefs and pride beside then we would be able to reform our schools and help get kids the educations that they actually deserve.
Whenever this “one true belief” is criticized educationists immediately jump to its defense saying that “to question progressive doctrine would be to put a doubt in the identity of the education profession itself” because “its founding premise is that progressive principles are right”(Hirsch, p.126). From this we can see that the educationists are set in their ways, that they think are right, and are refusing to even hear that they could possibly be wrong. With the educationists being so heard headed about this, it makes since why we have not see the reform that the school need to see. According to Hirsch the only way we can “break the cycle of doctrine dependence” we have to get…

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