Critique Logic Of The Human Soul Essay

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Critique logic of Aristotle understands of the nature(s) of the human soul.

According to Aristotle, human nature refers to the unique characteristics in a human being. Some of these characteristics include the way of thinking, feeling and acting. These characteristics are in human beings, and they occur naturally, independently of the influence of culture. He believed that both body and soul are parts of human nature.

The soul is the total of the operations of human beings. Aristotle tries to explain his understanding between body and soul using an analogy of an axe. He explained that the body would be metal and wood. Its soul would be its ability to chop. If it lost its soul, the body would only remain and would only be wood and metal. Soul and matter co exists. There is no way soul and matter could exist separately. He also believed that the there exists a hierarchy of living things. Plants are the least in the hierarchy since they have vegetative soul. Vegetative souls only have nutritive value. Animals are the second in the hierarchy since they have an appetite. Humans are the highest in the hierarchy since they have the power to reason. He also puts it that one requires philosophizing in order to discern their true human potentials.

There is a union between two souls; male and female alike so that the race can continue. They also come together in an effort to leave an image of themselves. He explains that the state is a society is established with a view to some…

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