Criticism Of The Guerrilla Girls

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Katie Miller
ARHT 106
Final Exam
5. Who or what are the Guerilla Girls? What theoretical or philosophical point-of-view do they champion? Choose one piece associated with them and describe its form, content, and context. The “Guerrilla Girls” is an anonymous group of female artists that fight racism and sexism in the art world. The anonymous group was started in New York City in 1985 by a group of seven women after a modern art exhibit whose rosters of 165 artists included only 13 women. They broadcast their messages of gender and racial equality through posters, books, billboards and public events. These posters and billboards pushed ideas and make people uncomfortable, which I believe was there plan all along. To get people talking about certain issues, this was their way to get the conversation started, and eventually resolutions to start to come up. The “Guerrilla Girls” used actual gorilla masks to conceal their identities to protect their freedom of speech under confidentiality laws.
The piece I chose to cover from the “Guerrilla Girls” is the 1989 poster “Do women have to be naked to get into the Met Museum?”. This poster is believed to be a shift in the Guerrilla movement because although it was commissioned by the “Public Art Fund”, when they received it, they believed that the nudity of the woman was not inappropriate, but the handle on the fan she was holding was. After being rejected, they tried to rent out the advertisements on the side of buses in

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