Criticism In 'The Allegory Of The Cave'

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In “the allegory of the cave” is about four individuals who are chained by their head, arms, and legs facing a wall, up a long stair way a fire is going and people are walking by caring sculpture. Now the people at in the cave only had this to go by so this what they believe what they thought was real life. One day someone come down and let one of them go but he was reluctant to leave his position, so the men began to push him to feet and up the stair case until they reach the up. The man who was in the cave fell to the floor letting his eyes adjust to the brightness of everything. After he began to look around and see everything. When he thought about the others and telling about how what they have been seeing was not real. they did not believe him and to prove he was wrong they played a game because he did not win they all laughed at him and he …show more content…
At the end of tenth grade and the beginning eleventh grade my friend Malcom was my unknown person pulling me up my stairs to the outside. When I met him I started to see the truth of how the world I was in been to work. I was only being shown what they wanted me to see not what was actually out there. When I started to stand up for myself they started to try and make me feel as though I was the one that was wrong; that I was the one being disrespectful and mean to them.
As my eyes adjusted to the sun I began to see what I was missing in my own life. The amazing people I push aside to be a doormat for people who didn’t even truly care what I was saying or if I succeed in life. It took me almost a year and a half to truly walk away from that cave. To truly know who I am and what I wanted in life. I have left this cave but it will always be with me. I’m glad this cave with me because it allowing me to look back at my life and see the person I was and the person that I no longer what to

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