Analysis Of Me Talk Pretty One Day Sedaris

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Literary Essay Criticism is usually viewed as someone judging another on something they are doing. In the story Me Talk Pretty One Day, David Sedaris, the writer of the story is an international student who struggles in French. The professor is very harsh on her foreign exchange students, throughout the story he disliked how the professor criticized him, which pushed him to work harder and study for most of his night. Without motivation it is difficult to accomplish anything, especially when one lacks confidence. When someone is self conscious they already feel like a target to all the people around them and to be in a foreign area and struggle with the language it gets even harder to do things you would normally do in an area you are comfortable being in. A person really does struggle to adapt to a new environment, especially when it is expected from you to learn a new language at a later age, which makes it twice as hard. When there is motivation it is easier to get accomplish the goal you have set beacuse you have your own little support system. Almost everyone in this world has a least a little motivation in their lives, whether it is to become a doctor or even finish an assignment by Friday. There is always a reason to why someone is wanting to …show more content…
He wanted to share this story to spread the word that you must push yourself, even during the toughest time because that is when it really matters. His professor criticized him a lot, and for everything he did and he chose to work harder and in the end he got something out of it, “The world opened up, and it was with great joy that I responded, "I know the thing what you speak exact now. Talk me more, plus, please, plus.” The emotions that were going through him are felt in his writing, which allows the story to open itself to the reader to understand what feeling accomplished must of felt like for

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