Criticism In An American Tragedy By Theodore Dreidy

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Theodore Dreiser who lived in 1871-1945, is one of the prominent writers of the USA in the mid-19th and early -20th centuries. Dreiser had a much impact in the growth of the American literature and left deep impact in the world literature. In the start of first two decades 20 century he had defended his ideas of critical realism, in spite of oppression of the press and shun of publishing houses. Theodore Dreiser creativity was in the center of interest of critics, there were many articles about him throughout the world. For example about Dreiser there wrote: D. Dudley, F. Matisse, A. Keizina, G. Zlobin, N. Samokhvalov and some others. The book “An American tragedy” is a high point in the creativity of Theodore Dreiser. There are
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The core objectives have made the building of the proposition work. It involves introduction with the practicality of the contemporaneous task is shown, its main constraints are clear three main chapter’s chapter I, we find American literature on an edge of 19th- 20th centuries, and the originality of one of its optimistic representatives Theodore Dreiser . Chapter II, it gives the precipitate and constructional analysis of the book “An American tragedy.” Chapter III explains on the complete understanding and comprehension of such ideas like ‘money’ and ‘prosperity’ in a wider perspective, which are depicted in the description of the characters in the book and the conclusive clauses presented with a list of references and literature …show more content…
The work includes presentation, three primary sections, conclusion and reference writing. The overview shows us short evidence about the back ground of the book “An American Tragedy”. The American tragedy (1925) was put to paper, as the book of Stendhal "Red and black", beached on the several lines of the illicit record. In the start of the century the American newspapers indicated assassination by a certain Chester Gillette of his pregnant darling Grace Brown, who seemed to be a problem on his way to a likely marriage. It happened On July 14, 1906 on Big Moose Lake in the Adirondacks of New York State. The killer was detained and

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