Criticism And Criticism Of The Movie ' Sad Movies ' Essay examples

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Everyone can agree that criticism hurts. It doesn’t matter if the criticism is constructive, necessary, or gentle in delivery. There is always a little ache in your heart when you hear something is not good enough. Over time, you learn to handle criticism more as a comment of value, than an attempt to inflict pain. I have always struggled when receiving criticism, because I fear disappointing others, and when undergoing criticism we are told exactly what we did to earn a person 's disapproval. Although I have not outgrown my battle with criticism, a harsh critique in my freshman year of high school led to the beginning of my understanding of criticism; how it is a necessity and not just a weapon for emotional pain. I am a softy that takes everything to heart, but the things that get me the most are sad movies; I ugly cry hard during them, and critiques on my work. Sad movies are easier to deal with, once the movie is over I stop crying and forget about them. Criticisms are a whole different realm. When I hear or read critiques of what I need to improve on, do over, or get rid of on my work, it sticks with me. They pop into my head every time I write a paper, I fear making the same mistakes or that my hard work still will not be good enough. This developed my dislike of writing, which began when I started writing. The worst part is that critiquing writing pieces is necessary in order for them to improve. I have hated having to talk to teachers about their criticisms. You are…

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