Critically Review The Arguments Of Florini And Nussbaum Essay

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Critically review the arguments of Florini and Nussbaum:
Nussbaum (2001) explains that the social contract theory dominates the western political philosophy and this theory considers the principles of justice as the result of contract, the people make. People make this contract for mutual benefit and live according to the rule of law..Her main focus is on John Rawls ' work on contractual theory. Nussbaum admits that such theories have some strength in terms of global justice but these theories suffer from some structural defects and can produce imperfect results. According to John Rawl(1971), if resources are scarce and all the contractors or parties involved are equal in power, they are bound to cooperate to achieve their respective goals. Thus, parties ' motivation is influenced by the element of self interest. Nussbaum(2003) argues that this theory of justice does not apply when healthy and rich people face disabled and poor ones. Nussbaum thus rejects society as a contract for mutual advantage who are free , equal and independent. Focusing on global justice, she points out that these inequities are on the rise between the rich and poor countries and mostly rich countries are responsible for this. Thus, a redistribution is needed.
Measuring Development: Countries are ranked according to their per capita GDP and the methods used for measuring development mainly focus on wealth and income. However, critics have identified flaws in this approach. For instance, Lamey(2001)…

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