Critically Evaluate the Marxist Perspsctive of the Family Essay

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Critically evaluate the Marxist perspective of the family
According to Marx’s perspective, family is seen as an obstruction to achieve the communist goals, as it is crucial to passing the established order such as cultural ideals on to the next generation. However, Marx was focused on social class rather than the role of family, it was his friend Engels trace the evolution of the family in “The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State” (1884 , Zurich)
In this context, this essay will evaluate the function of family based upon Marxist perspective. For this intention, Engel’s and other Marxist views of family will be demonstrated firstly, along with a common criticism. Secondly, it will explain the functions of family in
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Eli Zaretsky has analysed more recent development in the family from a Marxist perspective. He argued that the family propped up the capitalism. To him the family is a place where meets male worker’s desire to control. Furthermore, Zaretsky put a lot of emphasis on the relationship between personal life and capitalism.Family creates the illusion that private life is separate from the economy and stands in opposition to the terrible world of commerce and industry. However, it is unable to provide for psychological and personal needs of individuals. Also, he saw family as a major prop of capitalist economy based on domestic labour of housewife who produces next generation of worker.
However, there are some criticisms of the Marxist perspective on the family. It indicates that the view does not take any account of the oppression of women in families, and to which extent it shows absolutely negative about the family and does not give any of the positive benefits of the family to family members.

Marxist feminist nevertheless put emphasis on the exploitation of women which supply the gap. The fact that the husband has the responsibility for the production payments and family supporting acts as a discipline on his behavior at work. And it keeps him in good running order in which the wife is encouraged to satisfy her husband’s needs. In some sense, the family is as authoritarian unit designed to teach passivity not resistance. It inevitably results in the oppression of

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